With growth come challenges for every organisation. Besides the challenge of finding new staff, you need the right expertise in order to stay on track. How does it sound to have your very own in-house partner to help with all these HR challenges?   

Manpower takes care of your entire HR operation

Our On-site Solutions bring our keen eye for talent spotting and professional development to the heart of your organisation. From there, we take care of all your recruitment and HR operations, including recruitment & selection, job vacancy fulfilment, training, professional development and assessments.

Manpower provides full-service, in-house solutions for the business services, customer care centre, financial services, government, logistics and manufacturing sectors. But we provide much more than just talented staff. We also provide you with insights into your organisation’s bottlenecks with our intelligent Business Scan.

Besides onsite management, we also provide

Recruitment & selection

Looking for permanent employees? Invest in talented individuals and find out how we recruit and select the right co-workers for your organisation.


Respond efficiently to ups and downs in workload or when ramping up for a new project with temping staff.


Need staff for a specific project or a set period? Secondment may be the perfect solution for your organisation.


Staff training & professional development with MyPath

How can you ensure your staff acquire the skills they’ll need and find the job satisfaction they’re looking for? By investing in their training and professional development using MyPath. That’s how!