Life-long learning & development

Growing and learning is invigorating and makes work even more fun. It also helps give you a competitive edge and stay relevant to employers – current and future alike. Manpower’s online training courses and free e-learning programmes help you move with the times.

The Manpower Academy’s online training courses

When you work through Manpower, you get free access to a wide range of learning and training programmes. Our online training courses help you acquire and improve new and existing skills.

Manpower – your partner

Professional development involves much more than just following online training courses. Our specialists are here to help you develop your talents still further. What do you need?

How is MyPath Different?

Keep on learning – anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Because you can follow our training courses online, you can continue learning wherever and whenever you want!

Over 750 training courses

There’s a treasure trove of training material waiting for you with over 750 training courses and 500 micro-learning programmes.

A competitive edge on the job market

The Manpower Academy’s training materials are only available for staff who’ve entered employment through Manpower. This exclusivity gives you a valuable competitive edge on the job market!

Grow and learn with Manpower

Curious what MyPath has to offer? Take a look at how MyPath can help you become even more sought after on the job market.

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