About Manpower

Manpower’s been helping people all around the world find work since 1948. And essentially that’s what Manpower’s all about. Since then, however, we’ve grown to become an HR service provider offering a wide range of solutions, specifically tailored to meet the needs of these main industries: business services, customer care centres, financial services, government, logistics and production.

Work plays a central role in all our lives

It provides income, personal growth, professional development and social interaction. This is why Manpower is committed to helping people find work and make the most of their talents.

Everyone’s talented

And we want to help make the most of that talent. Because businesses can rely on us to find the right person for the right job at the right time, we in turn play a part in helping them become and remain successful. Helping you fulfil your commitments and obligations to your customers. That’s our commitment to you, day in, day out – engagement, understanding and vision.

Honesty, first and foremost

We’re very transparent about what we do and do what we promise. If we can’t find a suitable candidate, we’ll offer alternative solutions, for example reskilling or upskilling, talent spotting or helping bridge the gap for those with poor job prospects.

Manpower operates in over 80 countries

We’re part of the ManpowerGroup – internationally, the leading HR expert, offering businesses like yours innovative new solutions.

What is your talent?

Everyone has talent. Not sure yet what yours is? That's ok, because it is our job to help you discover it!

Working for Manpower itself

How does working for Manpower itself sound? We’d love to hear from you because we’re always looking for people – from entry-level to seasoned professional – to join our team at our head offices in Diemen.

Take a look at our internal job vacancies and apply online!

What can Manpower do for your organisation?

Find out what Manpower can do for your organisation by dropping us a line – we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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