Professional development with MyPath

Continuous learning and professional development are just two ways to keep work fun and challenging. What’s more, it gives you a competitive edge, so you stay relevant to employers – current and future alike. Manpower’s MyPath programme gives you all you need.

Chart your career path

We love helping talented individuals with dreams and ambitions. If you’re looking to chart a career path for yourself, then let us help you with our MyPath programme. Together, we’ll map a path consisting of assessments, training courses, e-learning programmes and personal career guidance. 

Our colleague Karlijn about MyPath

Why follow MyPath for professional development?

The personal touch & career guidance

As part of the MyPath programme, we’ll work together to determine the next step on your career path – a step that’s right for you.


Expand your knowledge and skills with our extensive range of workshops and training courses.

Tailor-made & future-proof

Your current skills determine your future career. That’s why, together, we’ll determine where your best opportunities lie, today and tomorrow.

Blended learning

By combining online and offline, classroom and individual learning, we’ll help you make the most of your potential.

Specialist schooling

We’ve developed teaching materials and methods in partnership with some of the best trainers, clients and educators from across a wide range of industries. A huge advantage when looking to acquire specialist knowledge and practical experience.

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Educational programmes & training courses

Staff training and development with MyPath

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