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How can Manpower help you find a new job?


Manpower is more than just an employment agency. We not only help you find new work, but also invest in your professional development. Suppose you’re missing key skills to get that dream job you’ve been eyeing. No problem. Our recruiters will determine how to help you acquire them and land you that job.

Manpower helps you move with the times. Our MyPath programme provides online training courses and workshops to help you prepare for tomorrow’s job market today.

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This is how we get started for your new job

Ready to find new work? Get the ball rolling by creating your own account. Once you’ve created a Manpower account, one of our specialists will get in touch to find out more about what you’re looking for. Together, we’ll outline a professional development plan, regardless of whether you’re looking to start work right away or simply explore the market to work out what sort of job is right for you. Read everything you need to know about the way we work and what Manpower can do for you on our ‘Our approach’ pages.