Play to your staff’s strengths

MyPath puts together a professional development plan that allows your staff to make the most of their professional and personal talents, preparing them for their and your future.

MyPath has many benefits

1. Aligning job market supply and demand

Our job market expertise and experience mean we can align supply and demand more accurately.

2. Responding to current and future demand

We train our staff for those jobs that are in high demand today but will remain relevant in the future, too.

3. Ensuring longer retention

Personal coaching and mentoring ensures that MyPath candidates remain motivated, resulting in longer career paths with our clients.

MyPath – professional development plan

We put together a professional development plan for our candidates, focusing on their skills, interests and relevant job market opportunities. A plan consists of career guidance, assessments, training courses, workshops and e-learning programmes.

By combining a personal approach with a variety of learning methods, we ensure our candidates remain motivated and acquire the specialist knowledge you’re looking for in your staff.

How is MyPath structured?

  • 1We select those temps we believe have the potential and ambition to grow.
  • 2We use tools to get to know participants, such as assessments and evaluations.
  • 3We discuss candidates’ career development to uncover their ambitions and potential for growth.
  • 4We create a growth plan, including workshops, training courses and coaching.