Seconding on a project basis

Been thinking about seconding through an agency? Secondment means you work for one of our clients on a project basis. This gives you the opportunity to gain new experience at some really great companies. On paper, Manpower is your employer, which means we take care of career guidance, salary administration, terms of employment, salary payment, etc. What’s more, we’ll find you your next project when your current project is drawing to a close!

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Working on secondment has many benefits

Your contract’s with Manpower

On paper, we’re your employer. This means you can’t merely be laid off and you receive terms of employment comparable to those of our clients permanent employees.

We help you with career guidance

We gladly and willingly invest in your career development because this means we can continue assigning you to some really great projects.

We find you your next project as your current one draws to a close

We help you find your next project when your current one is drawing to a close. Together, we work out which direction you’d like to move in and put you in touch with a new client.

Variety is the spice of life

You get the unique opportunity to try your hand at a job for a short period of time and gain invaluable experience. In contrast to permanent employment, both parties are fully aware the assignment has a set start and end date. This makes it much easier to pursue new opportunities and challenges.

You gain unique skills and expand your network

Because you switch projects every so often, you gain a unique skill set, including flexibility and communication skills. What’s more, you’re constantly expanding your network and horizons – you never know how these may come in handy in the future!

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