Job security & permanent employment

When we find you permanent employment, you actually receive a contract from your new employer (our client), rather than from us. The main benefit is that this takes you a step further on your career ladder with a top company – in practice and on paper! They’ll take care of your salary administration, career guidance and terms of employment.


How to find permanent employment

The quickest way to find permanent employment is to apply for a job through Manpower. We’ll find a job that matches your skills and personality and offers the challenges you’re looking for.

Thanks to our large network of clients, we’ve got direct access to vacancies for virtually every type of job and in every sector imaginable. These include positions for permanent employment, effective immediately, and positions with the prospect of permanent employment after an initial contract period with Manpower. You only enter permanent employment with our client – your future employer – if and when everyone is happy with the arrangement.


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Create your Manpower profile and start looking for permanent employment. Enter your information as completely and accurately as possible so we get a better feel for who you are and how we can find you the right job.

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Permanent employment has many benefits

Taking your personality and wishes into account

Together, we’ll take a good look at your CV but also find out as much as possible about your skills, personality, qualities and wishes. We take the time to get to know you properly! This is the only way to find permanent employment that’s right for you and offers you the challenges you’re looking for. Once we’ve found a match, you’ll receive an employment contract from our client – your future employer. 

We’re here for you every step of the way

Besides finding suitable permanent employment for you, we also help you throughout the job application process, for example polishing up your CV to highlight your strengths, skills and experience. What’s more, we also help your during salary negotiations.

Search our huge selection of jobs across every sector imaginable

We’ve got a large network of top employers that makes it far easier to find a match in the job and area where you want to work.

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On secondment

Looking to work for a slightly longer period but don’t want to commit to a permanent contract? Try secondment! Find out what it is and how secondment through Manpower works.


Looking for temporary work? Why not try temping? Find out how temping through Manpower works!

How we operate

Curious about the options for finding you suitable work? Read more about how we operate and discover what work suits you best!