Help a friend find a job and receive up to €100,- net! 

Is your friend looking for other work with better colleagues (such like yourself!)? Help them find a job through Manpower. You know better than anyone what your friends look for in a job and what competencies and skills they have. We would love to help them find their dream job with you where they can use their talents. Together with your friend we will look for a job that suits best. You can also recommend friends that possess over different talents and skills than you do. Manpower offers a variety of jobs! Is there a match? Once your friend is hired, you will receive €100 bonus! The bonus is given when your friend has been employed for four weeks (see all the rules below). Besides your friends, you may refer anyone in your surroundings who is looking for a job, such as your neighbor, former colleague or cousin. Forward the signup page so they can sign up and we'll take care of the rest! 

Share the signup page


How will we help your friend get a job?

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Step 1: Forward our signup page

Share our signup page via the social buttons. There your friend can read everything about the way this works.

motiveer jouw vriend

Step 2: Encourage your friend to apply

Motivate your friend to leave his/her information with us via the signup page. Even if we don't have a suitable vacancy right now, we are still going to look for a new job in our network!

Manpower zoekt een leuke baan

Step 3: We'll search in a telephone interview

After your friend applies, we will look for a job via a telephone interview.


Step 4: Interested and hired? After 4 weeks you'll receive your bonus!

When your friend is interested in a vacancy, the application process starts. If he/she is hired, you'll receive your bonus after 4 weeks!


1. You are employed by Manpower Netherlands as a flex worker at the time of completing this form and for at least 4 weeks after your friend started working via Manpower.

2. The bonus will only be paid out if your friend is placed via Manpower within one month of your referral and if you work for us for at least four weeks.

3. Your friend should not be registered with Manpower yet and has not been previously referred to Manpower by someone else.