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Reachtruck operator training with job guarantee Tilburg Waalwijk

  • Vestiging: Center of Recruiting Excellence
  • Regio:
    • Noord-Brabant
  • Opleidingsniveau:
    • VMBO, LBO
Vacature kenmerken
  • Vestiging: Center of Recruiting Excellence
  • Regio:
    • Noord-Brabant
Vacature kenmerken

Over de functie

Would you like to be trained as reachtruck driver with job guarantee in just 5 days?

You have some experience in a warehouse, or in another job which requires you to be physically active all day. You’re looking for a more solid job, with more diversity and a good salary. Manpower can offer you that job in the warehouse of one of our biggest logistics clients in Noord-Brabant!

Why develop yourself to reachtruck operator via the Manpower Logistiscs Academy?
- Training that matches the demand in the current labor market
- Quickly get a suitable job in logistics
- 90% chance of a job in logistics via Manpower
- Three valid Dutch certificates in just 5 days: reachtruck, forklift and EPT certificate
- 400% more working experience than you get during a regular logistics training
- Good salary, suited to your age and experience
- Opportunities to work with big, international logistic companies, such as CEVA, Schenker Logistics or Syncreon

What do you do as a reachtruck driver?
As a reachtruck driver you work in the warehouse of one of Manpower’s biggest logistics clients.
Your tasks will be the following:
- Move goods in the warehouse with a reachtruck
- Load and unload trucks
- Pick customer orders
- Re-stock the warehouse
- Check goods

What is the Manpower Logistics Academy?
The Manpower Logistics Academy is the trainings center for logistics in the Netherlands. We combine our knowledge of the industry with craftsmanship. Our goal is to provide you with the correct education so that you are able to work for one of our clients. We provide flexibility and speed, not only for you, but also for our clients. Craftsmanship and personal safety are the main priorities within the Manpower Logistics Academy. With the Manpower Logistics Academy we offer you the possibility to qualify yourself for internal transport job. Within the Manpower Logistics Academy, we select and train candidates. Eventually the local Manpower office will create a match between you and one of our clients.

The training
The training will consist of an online theoretical part and four days of practice in our warehouse in Eindhoven. In total you can train for three certificates (reachtruck, forklift and EPT) in 5 days. You will receive valid Dutch certificates with a validity of 5 years.

When am I eligible for the training?
- You want to work fulltime and are flexible in your working hours
- You like to work during office hours or in shifts (for working in shifts you will receive shift allowance)
- You live in Noord-Brabant, close to Tilburg or Waalwijk

Would you like to be trained as reachtruck driver? Or maybe as forklift driver? Register for training by clicking the “register” button on the right!

Reachtruck operator training with job guarantee Tilburg Waalwijk